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Immigration Medical Exams

Follow these easy steps:
  1. Locate a civil surgeon by putting in your zip code on USCIS.gov
  2. Call or text 608-957-3000 to make an appointment
  3. Get lab testing done by our partner lab
  4. Show up at appointment time for physical exam and further instructions.
  5. Vaccinations can be done at the pharmacy by your insurance, saving you money.
  6. Pickup sealed medical exam envelope
  7. For details go to USCIS.gov
Three simple steps to get the immigration medical exams and/or lab tests
Make an Appointment

Call 608-957-3000

No doctor’s visit or prescription needed. If you know the labs or specific tests you may request our friendly staff, they will prepare the order.

Appear to Submit Specimen or Draw Blood

Do not have access to a computer. Do not worry. Call us at 608-957-3000 to make an appointment to submit specimen or draw blood at the following address:

1421 South Park Street, Madison, WI 53715-2178.

Get Results

Get the actual lab results online or personally at 1421 S. park Street, Madison, WI 53715, usually by next day.

About AML

American Medical Laboratories (AML) offers a wide variety of important health and wellness blood chemistry tests at an affordable cost. In addition, each month we offer additional savings on selected tests.

Visit our website frequently for special packages on sale every month. We will beat or match any price in town. Tests starting as low as $30

(If you cannot afford and you have doctor’s prescription we may be able to reduce the cost of the tests even further. The budget is limited under this category. Only the clinic manager can authorize already discounted prices.)

Discount blood tests are available at:

  1. No hidden fees, Taxes or blood draw fees; pricing given up-front,
  2. Same day testing with actual lab results available online usually next day. We can forward your test results to any MD, specialist or clinic or give it to you directly.
  3. Outstanding customer service.


We have a few openings for urgent care by appointment only. Urgent care by appointment medical consultations are available.

There are limited openings for these. May be same day or same week appointments available on a sliding scale fee to accommodate the under-insured and uninsured.


Where we are located

1421 S Park St
Madison, WI 53715

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